Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Are You Getting Facebook Friend Requests From Yourself ? Here Is The Prank Revealed

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
It may sound wierd to you but let me ask you one thing,  have you  ever got friend request from your self on facebook ? There are high chances that your answer is yes. You must have noticed on your facebook wall that most of your friends have updated the status regarding the friend requests they are getting from them selves and are curious to know the reason behind it.
 If you are not aware about it then let me explain it to you, this is a simple and crazy facebook trick that is working perfectly as of now and you can prank your friends without any harm . I am pretty much sure that this trick will make your friends think that their facebook profile is now hacked or the facebook is going crazy.

Get facebook friend request from myself

Will This Trick Ban Me From Facebook ?

No this prank is not going to ban you from facebook . I have mentioned few points to notice below: 
  • It does not create any harm neither to you nor to your friends.
  • You can suggest your friends to themselves without getting banned
  • It is 100% free.
  • The chrome apps may spam you by getting your facebook email.

 How To Suggest Your Friends To Themselves In Facebook ?

If you are using Chrome browser then you can also prank your friends by this trick. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Download and install Facebook Social toolkit from chrome web store.
  2. Login to your facebook profile.
  3. Open facebook social toolkit and click on Suggest Friends To Themselves 


The trick is working perfectly as of now but it will surely be patched by the facebook team in near future. I would also like to suggest you that browser plugins and extensions may store your email addresses in its databases and it may lead to email spamming.


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Monday, 17 November 2014

How To Disable Blue Tick Marks Of Whatsapp To Save Your Relationship

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
You must be like other millions of people around the world who have fed up of the read reciepts in the form of blue tick marks added in the recent update of whatsapp. Even though it is the most useful feature added by whatsapp but a privacy violation for many. Before 7th of november, hiding the time stamp (Last Seen) was the only head ache but now blue tick marks has taken away sleeps of many as after this update it is not possible to excuse your girl friend / friend by saying 'I just saw your message'.

disable blue tick marks in whatsapp

What Does Blue Tick Marks In Whatsapp Means ?

Blue Tick Marks are added after the recent update by Whatsapp. They are the symbol of read reciept. If you see double blue tick marks in your messages then it means, your friend has already read it. You can also find out the exact time of read by long tapping the message for few seconds and then tapping on the circular i symbol. 
 There is also a rumor that after Facebook-whatsapp deal, Mark zuckerberg (Facebook), was finding a way to add the facebook blue color to whatsapp , hence it is now added in the form of read reciepts.

How To Remove Blue Tick Marks From Whatsapp ?

Blue tick marks has made many of us panic and if you are also one of those then you should not be as Whatsapp has now officially added the feature to disable read reciepts as a disaster control for android users in its latest beta update.
After disabling this feature, you as well as your friends will not be able to get the read reciepts of each other.
The blue tick marks can easily be disabled by going to the below path:
Settings > Privacy > Uncheck ‘Read receipts'

disable read reciept in whatsapp

The feature to disable read receipt is only available in the latest version of whatsapp which can be only downloaded from the official website of whatsapp and is not yet available in playstore.
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Killer Mobile App To Make New Relationships With Your Nearby Strangers

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
If you are looking for your partner and already hunting for the dating apps and websites, then this article might be a fullstop for your search. You might be aware about few cheap sites that claim to get you to a new relationship by randomly connecting your chat to a stranger, but most of them are  more or less made to serve you the adult content, which may not be a good option to use. This post is to discuss about a non-popular android app whose concept of finding a perfect partner for you is very smart, sober and genuine. The unique concept of that app makes it a far different from the other bullshit apps.Let me not to play further with your curiosity, the name of the app is Vee.It is currently available for android and iphone users.

What is Vee and How To Use It ?

Vee - We make relationships  is a 'Talk to strangers' app for android and iphone users which lets you to find a perfect nearby match for you along with it also respects your privacy as well .The app is simple and sober without any uncensored content. With this app you can find a perfect match by looking at the profile pictures, common interests and location. If the opposite one is also interested in you, then the chat can be initiated,otherwise you can look for the otherone, this concept of vee also ensures the privacy of their users. It also respects your gender and always show you the persons of opposite gender only, therefore this app is not made for those who are attracted to their same gender.. 

vee android and iphone app best talk to stranger app
 Vee asks you to login with your facebook account to get you started in less than a minute. You can browse through the interesting verified profiles matching your interests, it shows you the pictures, profession, zodiac and education. You can simply tap the like or cancel button after looking at each profile, Vee will connect you both with the chat session only after the mutual likes, else the app will keep you both anonymous from each other to ensure your privacy. During the one on one private chat session, if you think it was not a right connection then you can break the connection at anytime to regain your privacy and anonymity to make your information again safe and there will be no way other person can contact you again unless you like him/her again.

Major Points To Focus

  1. It finds only real and genuine persons for you and not like other bullshit apps.
  2. It respects your information security. It will remove all the chat history after you break up the conversation, even it is not possible to retrieve it back.
  3. The app automatically finds and shows you only the nearby vee users.
  4. No headache of losing data.
  5. You can break the conversation at anytime to regain your confidentiality and anonymity.


Vee is an awesome app that can surely help you in converting any interesting stranger to friend, however it is not recommended for school going teenagers of less than 17, as the addiction can badly affect their academics and it might be awkward to login with facebook for few people who have a doubt regarding the privacy issues with respect to their facebook profile as Vee stores all  of your information from Facebook, so as to serve you well.
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

What Are The Proper Search Techniques To Get Better Search Results On Google ?

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
Search engines were made to extract any required information from the ocean of internet and the all mighty Google has somehow made it possible to extract the most relevant and best information out of the limitless web with its super genius algorithms. It is not possible to remember the domain names of all of our favorite websites and therefore what we generally do is, we just google the keywords or name of the website and it comes at the top of the search results. The extremely intelligent Google not only can understand your query but also it can answer  the questions you ask. The queries may differ with your country and therefore you can use No Country Redirection version of google to get most out of the Google by going to google.com/ncr.

Keep Your Queries Simple ! 

If used effectively, google can save a lot of your time with its intelligent search results. It is recommended to keep your query precise and to the point, so that Google can show you the accurate results. Let us take an example:
Instead of typing "I need to learn how to boil eggs" , you can simply type "How to boil eggs". It will make google understand about your need and show the most relevant and useful information at the top. I have already discussed how can we save our time with amazing Google search tricks.

recipe search on google

No Need To Worry About Spelling Mistakes 

Google algorithms are smart enough to understand and handle your query even if you are bad at typing spellings, grammar and punctuations. So if you have  a shortage of time, then you can just ignore these things and minimal mistakes when searching something on Google.  

Don't Give A Damn To The Following When Searching Something On Google:
  • Cases (uppercase or lowercase)
  • Spelling
  • Special characters (plus, minus, brackets, and more)
  • Punctuation (dot, question mark, exclamation mark, and more)

How To Search For Social Profiles ?

 You might not aware about the fact that Google is smart enough to handle social search queries. If you are searching for a google plus account, then you can enhance the search results by typing +[name], or if you want to search for a twitter account then you can simply add @ followed by the name of the person or page. For example @david beckham will get you the official twitter profile of a popular footballer David Beckham on the top of the search results.

Pin Code To Location Search

If you have the pin code but do not know about the location then you can type the pincode followed by the country name in Google, and you'll see a magic. For example : 110092 India. However if you are in the US region, then you can straight away type only the pin code in Google to know about the exact location.

Know About The Sunset And Sunrise Time

Do you know you can get the sunset and sunrise times of your city instantly ? You can type sunrise city-name or sunset city-name to get the sunrise and sunset times of most of the cities around the world. You can also type zip code instead of city-name, to know about sunrise and sunset times of your location.


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Friday, 19 September 2014

How To Create Your Own Facebook Like Social Networking Site In Minutes

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
Social networking has become like an oxygen for human beings and this is the reason why facebook is the second most popular site of the world after Google. Any social networking site can be a great traffic and money resource and thats why many of the digital market leaders are trying thier luck to create social networks. Most of the people will think that it would need huge amount of money and resources to start a fully fledged social network. Now my question to you. Are you the same guy who always wonders if it is possible for me to create my own social networking site ? If you want to create your own social networking site either for your college, office or for your locality or if you want to setup your own community then you do not need to hire freelancers including expensive developers, designers, database administrators and security experts. Today I will be talking about a very popular and the best ready made script to create a fully fledged social networking sites.There are many ways available on the internet but PHPFOX is the best and can help you to create you own social networking site in minutes.

Create social networking site

What The Heck is PHPFOX ?

PHPFOX is a PHP script that you can use to create fully fledged and responsive social networking site without giving a damn to any programming language. The script does not come with any encryption and 'powered by' branding. You can modify anything including logo,design, layout and images by going to your AdminCP. The design of the PHPFOX looks as if it is inspired by the Facebook. You can take a demo of magical PHP script from the link below.

Features Of PHPFOX

  • Like and Comments.
  • Install new Apps, languages, themes and games.
  • Create your own app store
  • Run Advertisements and make money
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to use Content Management System.
  • Better Security
  • Create Pages And Groups
  • Status Updates With Privacy Control
  • Friends Activity Feeds
  • Online chat with Instant Messenger
  • Photo Tagging
  • AJAX Browsing
  • SEO Friendly
  • Server Load Balancing
  • No encryption in the source code.
  • Single Sign in.
  • Emoticons support
  • Create blogs, Forums, quizes, events and polls
  • Multiple photos upload at a time with privacy control
  • Mature content control
  • Friends suggestions and birthday notifications.
  • Upload and share music and videos.


PHPFOX Profile page

PHPFOX Home page

Web Hosting Requirements 

  • Web Server: Apache, Nginx, IIS, CGI, FastCGI or ISAPI
  • Operating System: Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher
  • MySQL Version: 4.1+
  • Minimum Web Space: 15 mb

How To Install PHPFOX ?

  1. Download the PHPFOX Package from the official site: moxi9.com. There are two packages (Premium and Ultimate) available with only one time fee of $299 or $499 with lifetime validity.
  2.  Upload the script to your server’s root directory via FTP.
  3. Navigate your browser to http://yoursitename.com/install. It will lead you to the the installation page.
  4. After proceeding to the next step, enter your Database details such as Database Drive, Host, Name, Password and click “Proceed to next step“.

    phpfox database settings
  5. Installation process will get start, wait for few minutes untill it gets installed.
  6. After installation process gets completed, enter Administrator Account Details & click “Submit“.
  7. Now, you just need to enter Administrator Account Details & click “Submit“.
  8. Now you will be able to login into your Administration account.
Thats it. You have just created a social networking site. now its time to customize and expose it in front of your audience. If you are too lazy to even install the script then PHPFOX also offers an installation service for $49. However you can save this expense by just following the above easy procedure.

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

How To Call For Free To Any Non-Smartphone/Landline User With Your 2G GPRS Connection [QuickTip]

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
Do you have an android smartphone ? If yes then you must have ever wondered is there any app to call for free to any corner of the world ?  is itn't ? If you are a call maniac then you must be using Skype, Viber, Line, etc, to call your friends who are having those apps, but these apps will never allow you to call to any non-smartphone/Landline user and in addition these bulky apps eat up your 3G data very fast. You may not be knowing an alternative non-popular app which allows you not only to call for free to any non-smartphone/ landline worldwide user but also uses almost 80% less bandwidth than Skype so that it can work efficiently with your 2G mobile data.

Free call to any mobile and landline

Nanu App Offers Free Voice Calling Using Your Little 2G Data 

 Have you ever heard about Nanu ? No ? then let me tell you Nanu is a small and smart android app made in Singapore that can work efficiently even on 2G data connection to place VOIP calls with your android smartphone however most of the other top voip calling apps like Skype require 3G or a good WIFI connection to make a voice call. Nanu was launched a little few days ago with ultra low bandwidth technology. It automatically synchronizes with the phonebook and contacts.

Nanu android app screenshot

How to Call For Free With Nanu To Any Non-Nanu/Non Smarthone/Landline User ?

Nanu not only allows you to call from your 2G network but also you can make free calls to non-nanu users without paying a single penny. The app is giving free 15 minutes credits to the first 1 million installs from Google play. You can use these credits to make free calls to any user sitting anywhere on the globe. The app plays advertisements to compensate the call cost and to make money. Currently it supports 41 countries including India,UK and US to make calls to landlines and Hungary, India, Israel, Ireland,Germany, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and the US to make calls to mobiles to any non-nanu user. However the app allows to call unlimited to any Nanu user around the world. The Nanu team revealed that more app users will generate more advertising money for them and as a result they will give more free call credits to their users. The long term goal of the Nanu team is to provide unlimited free Nanu to Non-Nanu calls as that will delight users as well advertisers.
The app is currently available only on android, however the team ensures that the app will be available on multiple platforms in near future.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Top 4 Free Tools To Compress/Optimize Images For Your Blog

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
Pictures increases readers attention and therefore any blog post is incomplete without a relevant picture in it to make it interesting to read, but the bitter truth is, images increase the page loading time which may reduce your conversions and also disturbs your blog readers, and if the problem persists for long time then it may harm your search engine rankings as well as you may loose your precious readers, so it is highly recommended to use little sized images of good quality on your blog so that it can minimize the site loading time.

Why To Optimize Images Before Uploading On A Blog ?

People on internet are always in hurry, what ever they want, they need results and information quickly or else they don't hesitate to move on to some other blog. If your blog has heavy images and slow loading time then it will surely increase the bounce rate of your blog which is not a good sign from the point of view of advertisers and search engines, so to grab your visitors, you need to take some serious efforts by improving your blog loading speed.
Lossless image compression

What Are The Best Image Compression Tools I Am Talking About ?

1: Kraken

Kraken is a web tool designed to optimize and compress images. It supports both lossy and lossless compression but it is recommended to compress images losslessly as it will not degrade the quality of your image.I am using this tool since last month and now I am using it more often, as it manages to provide the highest compression ratio as compared to other free tools. Kraken comes as paid and free version both.You can compress almost any image by using the free web interface, but the free version can tolerate a maximum of 1Mb of image size while the paid version can handle the images which are upto 10Mb.

2: Puny PNG

Puny PNG is lossless image compression online tool. It can compress your image to the best possible extent without degrading the picture quality.The compression ratio of this tool is much better than any other tool. Now you must be thinking if this tool is the best then why the hell I have kept it on second postion ? The reason behind it is if you are using the free web interface of the tool then you are allowed to compress and optimize only 20 images, but if considering the paid version of PunyPNG, then it is unmatched and the best. If you are a professional web designer then it is recommended  to go with the paid version of this tool , the plans start from just $3.

3: Yahoo Smush it

As the name suggests, the tool is owned by Yahoo. It is also the lossless compression tool and the best part is the tool is absolutely free to use. It uses the optimization techniques to remove the unnecessary or redundant chunks from an image without compromising the picture quality, but the compression ratio of this tool is not very good always and sometimes it takes lot of time in uploading and downloading the picture.

4: Dyanamic Drive Tools

 This tool will help you in optimizing as well as in converting your image from one extension to another for free.It uses lossy compression techniques and has a user friendly web interface. It allows you to either paste the URL of any image located on web or to upload the image from your local machine. When you upload or paste the url of any image, it will automatically show results accordimg to the size and degraded amount. You may download the optimized image from the list according to your need.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

How to Add Hreview Markup in Blogger To Get More Traffic From Search Engines

Posted by Rajat Kulshrestha
Traffic from search engines is the best way to get targeted readers.You might have seen 5 or 4 star ratings in the rich snippets when searching for some product or service review on Google. High star ratings create some positive impact and trust in the mind of reader, therefore the chance of getting it clicked is increased even if it is not ranked at the top of SERP. Recently I shared how I got High PR backlinks for free for my new blog without holding anything back and I was amazed to know, the post got viral and that single post got 10,000+ pageviews in the matter of few days with most of the postive feedbacks.I am thankful to you for your great support as I don't need anything except your support and the reason for running this blog is also the same. I have decided, from now whatever I learn will share everything here.

how to add hreview markup in blogger

What is H-Review Markup ?

 It is the star rating system shown as a rich snippet in Google search results. This eye catchy rich snippet will make your blog post to outstand in front of others in Google. The google does not automatically shows the star ratings but it has to be added manually by the web master who is reviewing a product or service on his blog whenever needed.

How to Add And Test H-Review On Your Blog ?

  1. Open Your Blogger dashboard,  open the post in edit mode on which you want to add your ratings and then switch to HTML tab.
  2. Copy the code provided below and just paste it at the end of the post. You only need to change the Post-Name , Reviewer Name , Date Format to YYYY-MM-DD , and Your Rating (Ranging From 1 to 5), with your own information.
  3. Taadaa !! You are done.Now to test, whether the Hreview markup is working on your post or not, Go to Google Rich Snippets Tool , paste your post URL there and hit preview button. Now you will see how your post will look on Google with star ratings provided by you. Your star ratings will be live on Google just after the Google spiders will recrawl your site, it may take upto 1-2 days.
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